A Life of purpose.
Authors: Luvuyo Wotshela and Lumkile Wiseman Nkulu

This book recounts over 60 years in the remarkable life of a man of many firsts – specifically the first African Chartered Accountant in South Africa. It tells the story of how Lumkile Wiseman Nkuhlu played key roles not only in the accounting profession, but also in academia, philanthropy, development and business.

The first edition of A Life of Purpose is about Wiseman’s resilience and determination in the face of economic adversity and political repression. It as much about the forging of his professional career as it is about the formation of his foundational values, work ethic and leadership skill. This second edition, which includes the original chapters of the first edition, describes Wiseman’s life and achievements from 2006 to 2023


Black, White and Gold; Reflections on South Africa's political economy
Author: Francis Wilson

This compilation of essays was written over a period of 60 years and spans more than a century of South African history from the conquest of land and the discovery of diamonds and gold, to the threats of the Covid-19 pandemic.The book focuses on the political economy of apartheid, its transformation at the end of the 20th century and the difficult early decades of the early 21st century.


So far, So Close; personal experiences of Sweden’s support 
for South Africa’s liberation
Compiled by: Lindiwe Mabuza

During the long struggle for the liberation of South Africa, there were many individuals and countries who paid more than lip service to the struggle of the people of South Africa. One nation and its people that offered unconditional support but whose contribution is not widely known, is Sweden.